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Oliver McDermid-Perring

Award-winning Director

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My name is Oliver Mcdermid-Perring I am an award-winning Director based on the south coast of England.  My body of work consists of a mixture of Short Films  and Comercial work. 


"6 year old Sarah has started to notice that her parents arguing has escalated. With her mother suffering from Obsessive Personality Disorder, and her father struggling with pressure from work, tensions build up over dinner one night causing revelations to spill out."                                       


Sam - In Too Deep

‘Sam - In to Deep’ was a film looking at the true life story of a young man who was involved in county lines as far too many kids are and the detrimental effects this causes all told through the eyes of ‘Sam’. 

Sam - In Too Deep

This film was a large collaborative project working with a number of organisations and people working to get an important story made in difficult times and we succeed , These amazing organisations and people are listed below.  

Screenshot 2021-11-10 at 16.24.15.png
Past work

A Selection of Films I have Worked on. 

LightHouse (Director)

Hulder (Director)

Cannonball (Director)

Texas Radio (DOP) 

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